Challenge Accepted!

During the interview I was allocated a task to create a wordpress site with a registered domain! In the midst of doing it, I realized that I could use the trial premium package for 2 weeks and enjoy some of the functions for free, which includes registering my own domain. As such, I guess I am able to save Kenneth the reimbursement fee of US$18!

Alas, I found out that does not support the induction of Google Analytics tracking code. However, I guess that is when the stats function in comes in handy!

On a side note, I have also created a sample Google Adword. Take a look below!

American Express Google Adwords


And now, back to the task from Kenneth.

Why do I love American Express so much?

I am fond of the company culture which has a matrix structure where I can get acquainted with life in the different departments and learn from my colleagues as we embark on cross-functional projects. In addition, I am looking forward to streamlining the online application process to make the experience more enjoyable and make people’s lives easier! At the same time, it would also increase customer acquisition for AMEX, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

This is also a shout out to friends of mine who are looking to make your first credit card after graduation. Do check out this link, sign up for an American Express Credit Card and let me know your experience with the online application process!


Till next time!

Jia Lin

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